Friday, June 8, 2012

Surf Lessons again

Genevieve and Dane took surf lessons on our last trip and they had a blast.  Unfortunately Dane got bonked below his eye one of his first times out without an instructor and he declared he was done.  Genevieve however was hooked and did lot's of surfing for the remainder of our stay.

We decided to go to the same surf school (C&C's) and hire the same instructor (Didier) because he did such a great job last time.  He took them a bit further with these lessons, teaching them about waxing the board, how to make sure the leash is not damaged, etc.  G & D both did great out in the water, getting up on the first waves they tried.  But after about a half an hour Genevieve came back in because she was scared she was going to get hurt.  This time Dane was the one hooked.

We tried convincing Genevieve to get back out there, but to no avail.  Didier is adamant that he wants to get her back out there, so hopefully he will have more success convincing her.

The kids met a little girl from Nebraska a couple days ago and we have seen her family on the beach and have enjoyed getting to know them.

Did I mention Samara is a ghost town right now?  It is the slow season, but it is seriously DEAD here.  Much slower than June 2010.  It's really strange feeling.

Dinner at Pizza Paraiso.  Our friend Daniela's fiance(?) owns the place. - It was delicious.

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