Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not such a glamorous day

It involved pee and scrubbing and laundry and all that fun stuff.

Zeke, who has been accident-free for many months, has had 3 accidents in the last 2 weeks. After the first time he peed the bed (Genevieve's bed), Luke and I did our best to scrub it with the all purpose cleaner we had and requested new sheets from the office.  The bed still faintly smelled like pee afterwards.  (Don't worry, I've since scrubbed it some more).  The second time he peed was 2 nights ago in MY bed.  I decided to tell the office and let them handle it.  I don't know exactly what they did but I did see my mattress propped on top of a roof getting some sun, and when I climbed into it that night I didn't smell anything.  Then last night, yes the very next night, he peed in Dane's bed.  I went to bed praying and woke up praying that he wouldn't/didn't pee the bed.  He told me he didn't, and I sang a little praise of hallelujah, got him dressed for school and sent him on his way.  However, I came home to Genevieve telling me her room smelled like pee (they all share 1 room, and Zeke drifts amongst all the beds).

Sure enough, there was pee.  I COULD NOT tell the office he peed in yet another bed.  I was mortified.
My best guess is that Zeke isn't drinking enough during the day and is making up for it in the evenings.  And even though I have him go to the bathroom at least twice before bed, it just doesn't matter.  Trying to remedy this.

So I googled how to get pee out of mattresses.  Most places claim you need baking soda, vinegar, a spray bottle, clean towels, and a vacuum.  So I went traipsing around town looking for the various items.  I was only able to get the vinegar (Pali market) and spray bottle (hardware store), and we had some unused bath towels at home.  I out-sourced the sheets to be laundered, and got to work.  Spray-spray-spray, scrub-scrub-scrub, and put the fan on to air dry.  I think I got it pretty clean, but I'm going to try to find the baking soda tomorrow.  I asked around and found out what it's called and a few places to look.

As I saw him finishing off his glass of water at dinner tonight I started to panic.  I just couldn't keep doing this.  I considered buying a twin air mattress for him to sleep on..and I still might if need be.
For now, I sacrificed one of the disposable plastic tablecloths that I brought down for his birthday party.  I put it on the mattress under the sheet.  I'm hoping this doesn't cause the boys to sweat profusely during the night.  And yes, Dane welcomed him into his bed again.  According to Zeke "Dane like's pee".  Boys are weird.

Now please join me in praying for a DRY night.  This mamacita can only take so much.  Things that are fairly easy to deal with at home just aren't here.


Beyond the pee, everything else is chugging along.  Genevieve and Zeke both had good days at school.
The walk to and from Zeke's preschool is kicking my butt.  It's a a lot closer than the last place we stayed, but I still get over-heated everyday.  In fact yesterday I stopped by a store to buy a notebook on the way home and I felt like I was going to pass out.  I guess I looked like it too because the ladies working there had me sit in a chair and started fanning me.  One of them pulled out a little bottle of something and put it under my nose - I think it might have been rubbing alcohol.  I'm trying to stay better hydrated and even brought a water mister with me today.  It's not far enough to justify a taxi, but just far enough to really work me over in this heat.

We're trying to get birthday invitations out to some of Genevieve's classmates tomorrow for a party on Sunday.  Not much notice but she only started making friends yesterday so what could we do.

Okay, off to bed for me.
Everybody now...."please don't pee.  please don't pee.  please don't pee"

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