Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños Genevieve!

Genevieve was super excited the morning of her birthday.  I was super nervous.  Inviting guests that you don't know very well (in a foreign country) to a party is a bit of a gamble.  
You go through all the steps to prepare, all the while wondering 'will they come?'

Genevieve had high expectations, and was already thanking me for throwing her such a great party...before anyone had even shown up.

  The party was at 2:00, and the pizza was to be delivered at 2:00.
At 2:15 neither had arrived and I was getting nervous. This felt all too familiar.  

At 2:25, even Genevieve was starting to look doubtful.
Thankfully, at 2:30 the first guests arrived.  The others trickled in between 2:30-3:00.  
I know this is how it works here, but I'll never get used to it. 

4 of the 6 girls she invited came and a few siblings stayed for the party as well.  One of the mom's stayed  that I know from last time and she was a huge help.  She speaks a little english, I speak a little spanish, and we do our best to communicate asking for Genevieve to translate when need be.

When the pizzas hadn't arrived by 3:00, I had no way to contact the pizza place.  I had no phone number, and I couldn't leave the party to go to the restaurant.  Thankfully Fressia (the other mom) had the number and called on her cell phone for me.
The pizza place....FORGOT.
They delivered the pizzas about 20 minutes later.

I hadn't planned any organized games or activities for the party.  However one of the girls showed up with a bag of clothes and a very fun pool game in mind.
They called it "5 pieces of clothing" (at least thats how Genevieve translated it)

There were 2 teams with 3 players each.  At one end of the pool 2 kids were each wearing 5 articles of clothing.  At the other end you had 2 swimmers that were the carriers.  They swam to the person in clothing, took one piece off and put it on themselves and swam it back to the other side.  The team to get all 5 pieces of clothing to the other side of the pool won!  It was very funny to watch and they had a blast doing it. 

Even though I couldn't understand anything, I could tell that it was a nice group of girls.  

The kids first sang the spanish birthday song they sing in Costa Rica, then Dane, Zeke and I followed up with the traditional one we sing at home.
 This is one happy girl.
And this is one happy mamacita.
 Genevieve was on a high the rest of the night telling me this was one of her top 2 birthday parties.
I was pretty happy too.
And exhausted.  :)

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