Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Haircuts and monkeys

We started off the morning getting medicine for Dane as he has an ear infection.  I have no idea what I'm giving him but hope it clears up soon.  Keeping an ear dry with a pool and ocean as our main sources of entertainment is no small feat.

Luke took Genevieve & Dane to the beach and I took Zeke to visit his preschool today.  He has been really anxious to go visit and even start.  Very surprising for the boy who hates new things.  True, he has been there, but it’s been 2 years.  I can’t really figure out what he remembers and what he doesn’t.  He said he remembers the school and his teacher Miss Hazel, but he wasn’t too convincing. 

Luke wanted to get a haircut and Zeke needed one too, so off we went to find the hairdresser that the locals use (opposed to the one in town with gringo prices).  Luke left with Zeke a little earlier than the rest of us.  We ended up way behind them as we spotted a bunch of howler monkeys on the side of the road and the kids wanted to stay and watch them for a bit.  They were quite close to us so we had a really good view.  They loved the baby monkeys holding onto their mama’s.  After a bit, we went on to find the hair place.

We were following directions from the receptionist where we are living.  I CANNOT BELIEVE WE FOUND THE PLACE.  It was outside of town in a residential area of dirt roads with no street signs.  (Actually the whole country lacks street signs).  There are a couple restaurants out there to use as landmarks, but STILL.  There was no sign on the establishment at all.  When I finally found it I just knew there was no way Luke and Zeke had found it.  But I was wrong.  They were mid-cut when we got there.  I think the cuts were $6/each (I think we still got the gringo price, but better than the prices in town).

It was getting close to dinner so we decided to find a local “soda” called Pablitos that a lot of the locals talk about that was in the general area.  The ambience was rustic and the food was great.  The kids had to do some translating for us while there and I just love the look of surprise on the locals when they start speaking Spanish.  I get a little rush of satisfaction.  We finished off the night with some ice cream cones which always makes the kids happy. 

I just saw a gecko run across the kitchen ceiling.  Dane is my resident gecko capturer and he’s at the pool.  They always end up in my bedroom which totally creeps me out.  Gag.

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