Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Monsoon

We have had a week of gorgeous weather.  Sunny, not too humid, and just really comfortable.  The rainy season was not looking too rainy.  And then last night made up for it.  I’m not sure of the exact definition of “monsoon” but I think it was pretty close.  The crackle of the lightening lit up the sky, the KABOOM of the thunder rattled our bones, and the water, oh the water, it came down in buckets for hours upon hours.  It was intense.

The lightening and thunder eventually moved on but it continued to rain all day today.  Lots of Uno was played, books read, and Spanish cartoons on the tube.   I now realize I didn’t pack enough rainy day activities.   I had a little pile of games set aside but they were put in the camper for spring break and never made it back to my Costa Rica packing pile.  Huge bummer.  At about noon I decided to check out a few local store to see what the had in terms of games and activities, but all the shops were closed.  I guess they all close for almuerzo (lunch) but I didn’t remember that from our last trip. 

I had planned on using the computer to do some child-led learning while here, but not having the internet consistently at our villa has put a damper on that.   Like last night when we came upon the howler monkeys the kids had a bunch of questions about them.  I would have loved to come back and googled around with them to find out the answers.  But, maybe it’s a good thing to be a little more disconnected and deliberate with the computer.

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