Monday, June 11, 2012

No internet so the days are running together

The internet has been down so I haven't been blogging, thus all my days are running together.  I'll just give the highlights.

Going without A/C has not been bad at all.  I think it has even helped us acclimate to the weather better as we're aren't going from cold to hot constantly.  The weather has been very mild and we have had no rain yet which is surprising.

We have spent countless hours at the beach, the kids never tire of it.  Genevieve got back out in the water with Didier and regained her confidence.  They are both LOVING the surfing.

We went to the bakery we used to always visit and where Zeke had a fan named Linda.  Not only did she remember him (and us) she went bananas for Zeke.  He of course gave her the stink eye and was being the little pill that he is.  But that is exactly how she remembered him so he didn't disappoint.  We have gone there a few times already and she does her best to get hugs and kisses every time.

Genevieve played with Amanda the other day and it was wonderful to hear her spanish flowing freely.  Then Dane played with her brother Dario and his spanish was flowing just as much.  I think he is even less inhibited to use his spanish.

Genevieve is begging to go to school, but we still haven't decided what to do.

Dane is once again getting eaten alive by the mosquitos so I bought him a bed net.  Hoping it helps!

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